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Cluster's life The Sense of Beauty, a book on Cosmetic Valley


The Sense of Beauty, a book on Cosmetic Valley

Publié le : 10-09-2010

September 8, 2010 - Les Sens de la Beauté or beauty revealed through our five senses... Smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight affect our choice of lotions and powders. The smell or perfumes, the taste of fruit, bright colours, the daring spirit of perfume bottles, always listening out for creators of beauty.

This book is an invitation to meet the craftsmen, the industrials, the researchers united in the heart of Cosmetic Valley, nestled in the bosom of the Centre, Ile de France and Upper Normandy regions. Big brands and SMEs building a know-how and an international reputation, perpetuating the reach of Made-in-France beauty.

Beautifully illustrated and packed with literary quotations, Les sens de la Beauté is a fun and poetic inventory through which to discover Cosmetic Valley, the leading centre worldwide in cosmetics and perfumery resources.

Les sens de la beauté
190 pages
RRP: 35 Euros
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