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Cluster's life Nine new members join Cosmetic Valley


Nine new members join Cosmetic Valley

Publié le : 22-04-2010

April 22, 2010 During the steering committee meeting held at the Orléans local council offices, Cosmetic Valley ratified the adhesion of nine new members and examined new research projects put forward by members.

Activity of the new members:
- JACOMO PRODUCTION: formulation, manufacture and packaging of white products, foam, sun cream and hair care products; eau de toilette.
- DAITO KASEI EUROPE: dyes and primary materials.
- MR CARTONNAGE NUMERIQUE: manufacture of cardboard packaging, folding cases and boxes for perfumery and cosmetics.
- SENSIENT COSMETIC TECHNOLOGIES: manufacture of dyes and cosmetics.
- PULVOREX: supply and distribution of functional packaging for perfumery and cosmetics.
- REMY KAPS: manufacture of light metallic packaging.
- AGRO-HALL: Research and development, formulation of products, filling aerosols with complex products.
- RISLOISE DE CONDITIONNEMENT: tailored packaging.
- GATTEFOSSE FRANCE: primary materials for cosmetics from oleochemistry and plant extraction.

Validation of new research projects:
A total of 12 new research projects were validated for 12 million euros.
In all, Cosmetic Valley has 53 projects under way worth 87 million euros.

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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