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News Call for abstracts COSMETOPEIA, submit your abstract before June 30-2016


Call for abstracts COSMETOPEIA, submit your abstract before June 30-2016

Publié le : 13-11-2016

The 5th International Cosmetopeia Congress and 1st International Conference on the Pacific Cosmétopeia


22, 23 and 24 November 2016 - Tahiti


A conference organised by Tahiti Fa'ahotu cluster, Cosmetic Valley and University of French Polynesia


Download the guidelines enclosed to submit your abstract in the join file and send it by e-mail at cosmetopee@cosmetic-valley.com Advise if there is 1, 2 or 3 axe in the subject of your e-mail.


The content of the axes are shown below.



Reasons to attend :

Major changes are afoot in the study, protection and appreciation of biodiversity, and especially heritage plant species. The Nagoya Protocol, issued at the Nagoya conference in 2010, is inspiring new advances in the institutional arena.

The regions of the Southern Pacific, including the French overseas territories of New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis & Futuna as well as South Pacific countries such as the Fiji archipelago, have a special status in global biodiversity, not only in terms of the diversity of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, but also in terms of the value this diversity provides. Such value includes uses in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and constitutes an essential part of these regions’ cultural heritage.

Pharmacopoeias compiling plants used for therapeutic purposes have existed for centuries, but relatively little has been published to date in the field of traditional cosmetics. The aim of the Cosmetopeia calls for the establishement of international partnerships in order to create a complete record of all plants and traditional knowledge used for cosmetic purposes. Its aim is to foster innovation in cosmetics by promoting fruitful collaborations between academic research and industry teams, supporting public-private partnerships to provide research, businesses, and especially SMEs, for new, naturally sourced active ingredients while respecting human rights and nature.

The 5th International Cosmetopeia Congress and 1st Pacific International Cosmetopeia Conference in Polynesia aim to bring academic researchers together with companies in the fragrance and cosmetics industry to share the latest advances on the Cosmetopeia field in the Pacific region and worldwide. The event will take the form of a conference, including presentations (oral and posters) on scientific research and round tables followed by workshops focusing on worldwide and Pacific Cosmetopeia.

This event aims to promote the various aspects of the Cosmetopeia in the Pacific region and worldwide, based on following three main themes:




THEME 1: Traditional Cosmetics and Skincare

Biodiversity, Cosmetopeia, Ethnobotany (traditional), Phytochemistry, Ethnoscience, Natural Products, Traditional Uses, Biological Activity

THEME 2: Preserving and Sharing Knowledge

Biosourcing, Nagoya ABS Protocol, Culture, Safety, Local, Regional and International Legislation, Local Development, Collaboration Agreements, Skills Transfer, Ethics

THEME 3: Product development and Consumer protection

Customers, Markets, Safety, Innocuity, Finished Products, Consumers, Commercial Use, Processes, Transformations, Formulations



You can submit your abstract for:

- 15-minutes oral communications: related to the above themes addressed at the congress

- the poster session* (posters should not exceed 90cm x 110cm - portrait format. Posters should be in english)


Key dates:

  • registration : April 10-2016
  • Call for  abstracts (oral communication and posters) Deadline : June 30-2016
  • Acceptance of abstract : July 15-2016


Scientific Committee Members:

  • Tamatoa Bambridge, CNRS/Criobe
  • Jean-Yves Berthon, Greentech
  • Pierre Cabalion, IRD
  • Bernard Costa, Tahiti Fa'ahotu
  • Michel Dron, Université Paris Sud
  • Claire Elfakir, Université d’Orléans, GDR CNRS Cosm’Actif
  • Soline Godet, Cosmetic Valley
  • Edouard Hnawia, Université de Nouvelle Calédonie
  • Sophie Leclaire-Bienfait, Expanscience Laboratoires
  • Christophe Masson, Cosmetic Valley
  • Jean-Yves Meyer, Gouvernement de Polynésie française
  • Christian Moretti, IRD
  • Mohamed Nour, Université de Nouvelle Calédonie
  • Phila Raharivelomanana, Université de Polynésie française
  • Jean-Marc Seigneuret, Alban Muller International
  • Marc Taquet, IRD
  • Taivini Teai, Université de Polynésie française
  • Olivier Touboul, Laboratoire Cosmétologique du Pacifique Sud
  • Florent Yvergnaux, Bioeurope



Download Cosmetopee Guidelines

Download Cosmetopee Abstract Sample

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