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Actualité Avez-vous réservé votre place pour le Congrès Tests et Mesures (COMET) ?


Avez-vous réservé votre place pour le Congrès Tests et Mesures (COMET) ?

Publié le : 16-01-2019

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Wednesday, 6 February





09h30 PLENARY: silica-based Drug Delivery systems: characterization and functionnal properties / Jean-Marie DEVOISSELLE, Université de Montpellier


10h10 SPRAY: Spectacular Polymer gels Release AbilitY / Emmanuelle MERAT, SEPPIC


10h20 Detection of adulterated essential oil in raw materials for cosmetic industry by Near Infrared laboratory and miniaturized spectrometers / Anthony BOULANGER, Greentropism


10h40 Genetic plant traceability in cosmetic domain / Nicole GIRAUD, DNA Gensee



11h30 A new in-vitro method for the determination of the sun protection factor (SPF) of a sunscreen using EBT3 Gafchromic® films / Rindala EL KHOURY, Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth


11h50 PLENARY: spectrometric tools for demonstration of efficacy and penetration of formulated active ingredients / Céline LAPERDRIX, Yves Rocher





14h00 PLENARY: methodologies for cutaneous investigations: when analytical chemistry meets the skin / Ali TFAYLI, Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique, Faculté de Pharmacie Paris Sud


14h40 Comprehension of skin-product-environment interactions: the essential physicochemical approach / Florine EUDIER, Université du Havre


15h00 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering spectroscopy for skin characterization / Alice LEMARQUAND, Université de Cergy


15h20 Assess and visualize skin damages inside the Stratum Corneum associated with environmental stresses (UV, ozone) by Vibrational Spectroscopy / Samuel GOURION-ARSIQUAUD, TRI Princeton


15h40 Modern and efficient tools to evaluate the state of skin in interaction with cosmetic products / Alessia QUATELA, Horiba


16h00 Three-dimensional model of human adipocytes: a new concept to assess efficiency of cosmetic actives on skin biology / Chloé BELLES, Diva Expertise


16h20 Reveal the impact of cosmetics on the lipids of the stratum corneum as a function of the penetration depth  /Jean DOUCET & Emilie LECCIA, Novitom


17H15 Impact of tobacco smoke on the molecular and physical-chemical proprieties of human skin / Giuseppe PERCOCO, Bio EC


17h35 Biological indicators of the skin bacteria response to an air pollutant (NO2 ): potential tools for testing anti-pollution ingredient efficacy / Anne GROBOILLOT, Université de Rouen


17h55 The effects of omnipresent, ambivalent blue light / Gaëlle SAINT-AURET, Genel


18h15 From cosmetics to textiles: action of cotton and flax tissue and extracts on skin associated Staphylococci / Marc FEUILLOLEY, Université de Rouen




Thursday, 7 February



09h00 The skin Oxi-Proteome as a molecular signature of exposome stress / Andrea CAVAGNINO, OxiProteomics


09h20 Impact of Deep-sea diving on the skin surface / Alex NKENGNE, Clarins


09h40 PLENARY: traçabilité et références pour la mesure de l’apparence : revue des développements récents réalisés par les laboratoires nationaux de métrologie européens / Gaël OBEIN, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers




10h00 PLENARY: instrumental measurements and sensory analysis as a support for the development of innovative cosmetic formulations / Patrícia Maria BERARDO GONÇALVES MAIA CAMPOS, University of São Paulo


10h40 Rheology and tribology: two complementary approaches for predicting texture perception of cosmetic products / Laura GILBERT, Clarins



11h30 How rheology measurements can assess organoleptic properties during the formulation process? A case study / Guillaume DARSY, Rheonova


11h50 Evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic products through the microrheological monitoring of ex vivo living skin / Vincent GAUTHIER, Université de Cergy


12h20 Scent-signatures and how to measure their performance / Charlotte TOURNIER, Odournet



14h30 New technology to protect Color and Scent in Fine Fragrance / Véronique GUYOT-FERREOL, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies


14h50 Measurement of the emotional benefit of a warming cosmetic active / Céline CARRASCO & Patrice BELLON, Symrise


15h10 Comparison of sensory assessment and instrumental measurement of shampoo performance Anne-Marie PENSE-LHERITIER, École de Biologie Industrielle


15h50 Volumizing, fly-away/frizz control and straightening claims substantiation using BOLERO / Sébastien BREUGNOT, Bossa Nova Vision


16h10 PLENARY: connected Humans, Objects and Sensors for the improvements in future cosmetics Muhammad ALI IMRAN, University of Glasgow


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